Pesky Desktop Printers

It is funny, the many times I have walked a facility for a simple inventory, the employees with personal printers get very protective of their personal print device.  I have seen it all; they like to hide them under the desk or simply under a bunch of paper.  Sure, they all have their reasons such as, I print personal documents or it is a long walk.  In some cases, the fact that they are an executive is enough to warrant a personal printer.

Here is a list of ideas, some aggressive and some more passive.  In a perfect world, the word comes from the C suite and everyone turns them in…in a perfect world.

Just give them the data:  This is a simple solution, in most cases a desktop laser printer costs 3-5 cents per page to run, while the network laser or copier around the corner costs one penny a page.  The health system is ALWAYS looking for savings, so give them an opportunity to turn it in.

The service call removal:  Identify the list of printers that you WOULD LIKE to remove, and when that fateful service call comes in, unless it is a simple jam, use that as an opportunity to let the user know that the device is no longer supported and your print is now being pushed to X printer.

The toner request removal:  This is more aggressive, when the toner runs out; there is simply no more toner for that device to run.  The sneaky few will actually go buy their own cartridges, or find as many as possible and stockpile them (you know who those users are)

The bottom line is these smaller desktop printers are 3 to 5 times more per page to run.  They are a service nightmare for your I.T department.  In addition, if you are on a managed print program, you know the challenges with collecting page counts. (Shameless plug, TPUSA solved the problem of collecting local attached page counts with our patented Patrol technology)