How much is that toner?

Ok so let’s talk about your laser printer fleet.  As is probably the case with your print infrastructure, you have leased a fleet of copiers, and you have been purchasing laser printers, and the toner to run them.

In a perfect world, you have strategically placed devices that are networked, and can be used by multiple people.  The beauty of this solution is that the larger the device, the larger the toner cartridge, the lower the cost to run the device.

Virtually every environment I have ever walked is overrun with printers.  Take a visit to your lab, each piece of lab equipment has a printer tied to it…  That is just an example. Over time employees request printers (and even inkjets), they have their reasons, and the usual reaction is to find a small inexpensive device.  That is where money starts leaving the health system.

Let’s look at a simple HP 402 printer.  This is pretty much the go to corporate device from HP for a personal desktop printer.  The high yield (don’t get me started on why they even make low yield cartridges) cartridge is 9,000 pages and it costs $217.00.  The simple math is to divide 217 / 9,000 resulting in a cost per page of .024 per page.  This is based on 5% coverage, or think of a postage stamp…not very realistic.  Simply multiply CPP x 1.6 (Call me to talk math but this takes coverage to a more realistic 8%) for actual coverage, which now puts you at .036 per page…for just toner.

If you want to branch into a TCO including the device.  Add .003 per page for parts and labor and you are bordering on .04 cents per page, plus what you pay for the device itself.

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