IT Managers Give TotalPrint USA Two Thumbs Up!

If your IT department lets out a collective sigh when you mention incorporating a Managed Print Services (MPS) solution to your organization, it’s probably because they haven’t seen The TotalPrint USA Difference!

Did you know that nearly 50% of all help desk calls are printer-related? Thanks to TotalPrint USA, your IT department can free itself from the daily operational tasks associated with managing a printer fleet.

TotalPrint USA uses its Patented Patrol Technology to deliver real-time MPS solutions to your facility without the time-consuming, headache-inducing set-ups and maintenance other MPS solutions can require.



With TotalPrint USA, your company can enjoy:

  • A self-contained, embedded appliance
  • NO software download(s) to your server
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Automatic software updates
  • Non-invasive recording of print volumes and toner information
  • Secure data transfers over HTTP/S (same as online banking)
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Service on all printer assets
  • Customized supply alerts
  • Automated supply shipments for all network printers

Because our Patrol Technology operates independently from your server, we can continue to monitor your printer fleet, even if your server goes down. You will never have to deal with supply notification delays, and you can rest assured that your MPS data is secure, complete and accurate.

Now you can safely and efficiently monitor your printers from one location, managing print volume and toner information locally or globally without bogging your servers down with additional software.

It’s so easy to install that you can do it yourself if you’d like! But our team of professionals is here to make it even easier by completing your set-up at no additional charge to you!


With TotalPrint USA MPS, you can enjoy all of the hassle-free cost savings our MPS solution can provide, while resting easy that your data is protected and secure.

Put an end to the incessant support calls and free up your IT department to do what they were hired to do, by utilizing TotalPrint USA for all of your MPS needs and getting a handle on your document production spending.

Contact us today to schedule your NO OBLIGATION printer analysis!