We Can Save You Time and Money!

There is no ROI discussion with TotalPrint USA.  The minute you turn our program on, the savings begin.  Those are the hard savings that are easy to see.  Once our program is live you stop buying toner, stop buying printers, and stop outsourcing service.

The soft cost savings that come along with our program are many.  Think about a simple toner cartridge.  You need to send a purchase order to get one.  You need to receive in a bill and enter into your accounting system.  You need to send a check and lick a stamp.  Now if your employee throws away a cartridge before all the toner is used that is like throwing away money.  If the cartridge is bad, did you get an RMA to return for a credit.  Did a bad cartridge cause a service call.  This is one simple example.

Under a managed print program, all those soft cost issues become our problem, and there are many other examples.  It becomes our job to make sure your print environment is streamlined.



We know your printer fleet is one of your most valuable assets. Protect your investment by giving us the opportunity to show you how we can optimize your document production and save you money. Allow us to evaluate the cost of your printer fleet to determine potential savings and us change the way you view document output cost.