Managed Print Solutions that Generate Profits
for You and Savings for Your Clients

TotalPrint USA partners with agents across North America to deliver managed print services that free businesses from the burden of managing and maintaining their printers and help them take control of their printing expenses.

Discover how TotalPrint USA can help grow your business with managed print services

About Us

At TotalPrint USA, we pride ourselves on not being just another managed print services provider. As opposed to selling or leasing printers, we provide our agents with hardware, software and services that save time and money for their clients.

When we refer to printing, we’re talking about all aspects of document production including:

Pages printed on office printers and multifunction printers

Toner and other printer-related consumables

Help desk services, maintenance and support on all printer devices

Our Channel-Focused Approach Gives You a Competitive Edge

Our focus is on helping you grow while you help your clients reduce printing costs. As an agent, you’ll benefit from a simple per-page pricing model, as well as automated supply shipments and printer service plans managed by TotalPrint USA. All you need to do is install our proprietary Patrol Technology on your client’s network, then sit back and enjoy the commissions on your new revenue stream

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Benefits of Partnering with TotalPrint USA
to Deliver Managed Print Services

Get managed print services and start delivering real savings and value to your clients

Exclusive Patrol Technology

A Secure, Hassle-Free Print Monitoring Solution

Our patented Patrol Technology delivers real-time managed print services to your clients without the time-consuming reports, headache-inducing setups or need to install software on a local server. This innovative technology allows you as an agent to monitor your clients’ printers with one convenient device, securely and efficiently.

Non-Invasive Monitoring of Print Volumes and Toner Usage

Produced in the USA, our Patrol Technology is completely self-contained and designed to monitor print and toner levels on networked printers of all makes and models. It’s configured to scan the printer (or printers) once every four hours, then report the results to us. If the device detects a low ink or toner alert, it sends a message to us, and we ship out a replacement cartridge that same day.

Benefits of Our Patrol Technology

Leverage cutting-edge technology that helps your clients take control of their printing needs

Delivering Managed Print Services

Help Your Clients Take Control of Their Printing Costs

Did you know that more than 80% of businesses have no idea what they spend every month on printing? Would you be surprised to learn that printing can account for up to 15% of annual expenses? Now, what if you could help them alleviate printing costs by up to 30% with minimal effort on your part—and make recurring revenues in the process? At TotalPrint USA, we partner with agents like yourself to help businesses take control of their printing expenses and improve overall office productivity.

As an agent working with us, you can deliver tangible cost savings and value to your clients.

Without Managed Print Services With Managed Print Services
Erratic and uncontrolled costs Predictable monthly expense
Unknown print volume Detailed monthly print reports
Multiple sources for technical service and supplies One source for everything
Excess ordering and waste of print consumables Automatic re-order as needed
Inefficient printer deployment in-office Expert printer deployment for maximum efficiency
Print cartridges are thrown away after expended Cartridges manufactured to vendor’s specs
No cohesive plan for printing cost controls and lifecycle management Expert assistance with budget planning and printer fleet optimization

You Decide How to Profit from Managed Print Services—
We’ll Handle the Heavy Lifting

You can be as involved in the process of delivering services and support as you choose to be. You can decide to handle printer-related service calls, document production optimization and help desk calls, or let us handle them while you focus on servicing clients and following up on leads. Either way, we take care of monitoring, supply replacement, shipping and reporting. There are no upfront sign-up fees, and you can decide how much (or little) you want to charge your clients.

Discover how TotalPrint USA can grow your business with managed print services

Our Programs

TotalPrint USA includes all of the features and benefits you need from a managed print services partner. With a simple cost-per-print model and automated supply shipments, TotalPrint USA can save your clients time and money, while positioning you for future growth and profitability.

Premier Program Platinum Program
4-Hour Service Call Response Time
Simple Cost-per-Print Model
All Services and Supplies Managed
Monitoring of all Networked Print Devices
Patented Patrol Technology
Digital Meter Reading
Historical Data Reporting
Redeployment of Print Devices
Performance Optimization Recommendations
Printer Replacements at No Additional Cost
Lifecycle Management of TotalPrint USA Supplied Printers

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TotalPrint USA provides agents with managed print solutions that deliver world-class reliability, cost savings, security and performance. If you’d like to request additional information about us, please call
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