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HP has the Most Secure Printers in the World

HP can help defend your network with the world’s most secure devices that can automatically detect and stop an attack.

HP Sure Start and run-time intrusion detection are included on HP Enterprise printers to protect at startup and during operation. If malware is detected, the printer automatically shuts down and reboots the device. Every time a printer is turned on or restarts with an error, HP Sure Start automatically validates the integrity of the BIOS code and self-heals if necessary.

HP Enterprise printers also include whitelisting to help ensure that only authentic, “known good” HP firmware—digitally signed by HP—is loaded into memory.

What’s more, HP can help you stop malware from “calling home” to malicious servers, stealing data, and compromising your network. HP Connection Inspector evaluates outgoing network connections to determine what’s normal, stop suspicious requests, and automatically trigger a self-healing reboot.

See how the HP Run Time Intrusion Detection works