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Patented Patrol Technology

Most organization base their success on increases in annual revenue, but how many companies point towards SAVINGS as an equal measurement of success? With our PATROL™ Technology, you will not only save your company thousands of dollars over time but streamline your document-related processes so you can focus on your core business instead of IT-related logistics.


  • Cut overall print costs
  • Automatic toner reorders
  • Consolidated and managed printer fleet
  • Help Desk
  • Dramatically Reduced printer hardware costs
  • Predictable easy-to-budget operating expense


PATROL™ is a self-contained appliance that monitor’s copier/printer output with one convenient device, securely and effortlessly. It was designed by TotalPrint’s in-house R&D Department to automatically monitor print volumes on all networked devices- desktop printers, digital copiers, and multi-functional devices. It can be configured to scan on a schedule that fits your needs. If the output devices detect low ink or toner levels, it alerts us to ship replacement cartridges that same day. There is no software to install- ever. What this means is that you will never run out of toner. You will never have to stockpile toner. And you will always be informed about your output history in order to better manage your expenses and administrative processes.


As a self-contained network appliance, PATROL does not require a user on your domain or a server to function. PATROL safely monitors your print network for meter readings and presents no conflict or safety risks to your network whatsoever.

Patented Patrol Technology

With 13 patents filed, our Patrol Installation Appliance is the most innovative technology in the Managed Print Services (MPS) industry, enabling you to safely and efficiently monitor all of your printers from one location.

Produced in Tampa, FL, the Patrol NAPP is completely self-contained and embedded. It is designed to monitor networked printers, allowing you to manage print volume and toner information locally or globally.

The Patrol NET APP requires a 120 VDC 15 Amp electrical outlet and connects to a dedicated network connection or shares the printing devices’ network connection at the customer’s location. It does not reside on a server! It is configured in our TotalPrint USA system to communicate with the assigned printing device(s), scan the device(s) once every four hours and report the results to TotalPrint USA.

The Patrol NET APP uses DHCP to obtain its network address. This address can be modified to a static address by using HTTP, port 80, to communicate with the device’s own webpage. It communicates with the print devices using SNMP, port 161, and reports to our TotalPrint USA system using SSL, port 443.

First, a customer account is created in TotalPrint USA. Next, the Patrol box is linked to the account using the box’s unique MAC address, and the IP address range that the box will monitor is configured in the TotalPrint USA system. Unless a static IP was previously configured, the Patrol box is then installed on the customer’s network, obtaining its IP address and performing its initial scan, Discovery. The discovered devices are then staged in the TotalPrint USA system, recording the Equipment ID number and the device’s physical location. The Patrol box is then rebooted by simply unplugging the power adapter for 10 seconds, initializing a new scan to verify that the meters are properly obtained.

Patrol features two distinct modes of operation, Normal and Standalone. Both support networks and environments with high security requirements. It uses the SNMP protocol to collect information from networked printers and communicates this information as an XML document to a Tier 3 / SAS-70 certified secure data center using the HTTP/S protocol. The box iterates through user-specified IP addresses or ranges and gathers only usage data on printing equipment. No print job or proprietary information is collected. This data is then aggregated and uploaded to the server.


  • Non-invasive, only records print volume, toner and service information
  • No personal or content data transmitted (HIPAA compliant)
  • Small footprint, totally self-contained (only power and IP required)
  • Supports both static and dynamic IP via DHCP
  • Supports customer based proxy server environments
  • Transmitted data outputs to XML document

When in network mode, a list of IP addresses is provided to the box from a secure web application. The box only collects information from devices that support the Printer MIB as defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). In customer environments where strict firewall policies are implemented, a rule may be required to allow the Patrol box to connect to the server.

Contact TotalPrint USA today for details on our Patrol box specifications or to schedule your NO OBLIGATION printer analysis and let the TotalPrint USA Difference save your company time and money.