Grow your MSP business.

TotalPrint USA can help you grow your MSP business

Would you like to offer your customers brand new HP, Konica Minolta, Sharp, Canon, and Kyocera printers and copiers with no upfront costs and earn recurring revenues while doing it? Would you like to provide your customers with OEM toner and free onsite service and support for their printers and copiers and earn recurring revenues while doing it? And without out doing any of the work or spending any money?

Well, now you can. Enter TotalPrint USA. Become a MSP Agent today and you can offer your customers our Managed Print Services program and earn recurring revenues for any customer you sign up. You simply sell the solution and we will handle the rest. And you get paid for it.  It’s that simple. Every month we send a bill to the customer, we send you a check.  Earn recurring revenue every month which everyone enjoys.  And these can be big numbers.

TPUSA is the managed print front end for Staples and DEX Imaging.  We combine the service infrastructure of DEX Imaging and the pricing power of Staples, with the simple model of TPUSA. By becoming a MSP agent, your company instantly becomes the strongest MPS (managed print services) provider in the U.S offering the best brands such as HP, Konica Minolta, Canon, Kyocera, and Sharp.

Whether your customers have their own printers and copiers or need to purchase new printers and copiers, TotalPrint USA can help. Under our MSP Agent program, you will be able to support all of their existing printers and copiers and also provide them with brand new printers and copiers with no up-front costs and no extra work for you. We will handle everything for you and you will earn all the revenues for bringing us the account.

Our Managed Print Services program provides OEM toner, free on-site service, parts, labor, maintenance kits, helpdesk support, reporting, and much more. We handle all aspect of keeping their printers and copiers running. You will never have to worry about dealing with a printer issue again under our Managed Print Services program.

Has your customer asked about secure print, mobile print, or follow me printing? We can help with this as well. The new printers and copiers of today are capable of running all kinds of apps to do things like scanning to the cloud (Drop Box, SharePoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) or directly into applications like OnBase, ERP applications, Medical and health care software, and many others. These new machines are now becoming a workflow center for your customers. TotalPrint USA also offers many of these applications and integrations with all of the most popular apps and cloud based systems and can easily assist you with getting all of this setup for your customers.

Contact TotalPrint USA today for more information on how you can become a MSP Agent and start earning recurring revenue while we do all the work. Check out our Blog Post for more details on how TPUSA can help you grow your MSP business.