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Copier Lease Buyout

If you are stuck in a lease on your current copiers, MFPs, or printers, TotalPrint USA can help. Our Copier Lease Buyout program allows you to get out of your leases today.

Instead of leasing equipment, TotalPrint USA uses a rental program where we rent you brand new HP printers, MFPs, and Copiers instead of doing a long term lease like most copier companies offer. This way, you are not locked into any long term lease where you are stuck with the equipment until the end of the lease. Add / remove equipment as needed. If the machine is not working correctly, we will replace it. Try to get your leasing company to do that for you. When you lease a copier, it is like leasing a car. You are pretty much stuck with it. Even if it is a lemon.

You only pay for the machines you are renting versus being locked into a high priced monthly lease payment. This results in substantial savings. Because of this, we are able to offset the costs of the lease buyout and still be substantially less than you are currently paying now.

Contact your TotalPrint USA representative today for a copier lease buyout evaluation today. You might be surprise how much you will save.