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Benefits of Managed Print Services

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Brand New HP Products

We provide the full line of brand new HP LaserJet printers, Multifunction Printers, and Copiers with the latest security features available in the print world today. More importantly, we only use HP OEM toner to give you the highest print quality.

No capital Outlay

No Capital Outlay

Traditionally companies lease their copiers and buy their laser printers. With TotalPrint USA, we supply the full line of HP including from desktop laser printer to floor standing copiers without ever having to sign another lease again.



The most comprehensive printing security solution on the market, HP Security Manager helps you easily establish a fleet-wide security policy, ensure compliance, and protect your workflow—all while safeguarding the information that keeps your company running.



TotalPrint USA provides the flexibility to change as your business changes.  Long term leases forcing you to make decisions based on future unknowns is not good for any company.  Our No Lease program allows you to easily add or remove equipment from the program with a simple email.

There is no ROI discussion with TotalPrint USA.  The minute you turn our program on, the savings begin.  These are the hard savings that are easy to see.  Once our program is live, you stop buying toner, stop buying printers, and stop servicing and repairing your printers and copiers. We handle it all. You supply the paper and we will supply the rest.

The soft cost savings that come along with our program are many.  Think about ordering a simple toner cartridge.  You need to send a purchase order to get one.  You need to receive in a bill and enter into your accounting system.  You need to send payment.  Now if your employee throws away a cartridge before all the toner is used that is like throwing away money.  If the cartridge is bad, did you get an RMA to return for a credit.  Did a bad cartridge cause a service call?  This is one simple example of the overhead involved with managing your printers and copiers.

Under a managed print program, all those soft cost issues become our problem, and there are many other examples.  It becomes our job to make sure your print environment is streamlined and working correctly.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

We know your printer fleet is one of your most valuable assets. Protect your investment by giving us the opportunity to show you how we can optimize your document production and save you money. Allow us to evaluate the cost of your printer fleet to determine potential savings and change the way you view document output cost.

Did you know?

  • Organizations can spend up to 3% of annual revenues on print.
  • Managing your printers and supplies can reduce your overall printing costs up to 20% to 40%.
  • The ratio of employees to printers is an average office is 4:1, but the optimal ratio is 10:1.
  • 40% of IT help desk calls are printer related.

Benefits of a Managed Print Services program:

  • 30%-40% savings over leasing or purchasing.
  • Never having to lease or purchase a copier or printer again.
  • Easy to add to your existing printer and copier fleet to the program allowing to you to start saving money immediately.
  • Supports sustainability goals: reducing paper, toner, and energy usage.
  • Consistent and intuitive user interface making it easier for users to work among different devices.
  • State of the art equipment meets all standard business needs.
  • OEM Toner.
  • Toner monitoring with automated replenishment.
  • Electronic meter collection.
  • Streamlined order process – no purchase order required or additional agreements to sign.
  • Guaranteed up time and response time.
  • Flexibility to change equipment if departmental requirements change.
  • Predictable and controllable costs so that companies can stay within budget and control the growth of costs over time.
  • Regular, detailed reporting and ongoing consultation.
  • Security compliance.  HPIAA Compliant.
  • Bundled solutions without having to pay huge up front costs for the solution.  Secure Print, Pull Print, Mobile Print, Scan to OnBase. SharePoint, Google Drive, etc.
  • One invoice for all costs associated to your print output.

To see how a Managed Print Services program can help your organization, contact TotalPrint USA today.